Graphic Design

I design things sometimes! Print layouts, webpages, UI/UX, blog posts, photoshoots, email campaigns, you name it. I do this for a living, as well as for fun.

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Houston Public Library

I would iterate existing designs, develop the look and feel for new pieces, and work with the rest of the creative team to refresh the system’s brand guide.

I would use a variety of media to get across our message, from print pieces to social media graphics, from web imagery to murals and signage.

Major Projects

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Other Collateral

Motionics LLC

I was the in-house design and marketing lead for Motionics, a company specializing in industrial measurement solutions.

I completed quite a few different projects with Motionics, taking on any task that fell under the design and marketing umbrella.

Product Photography and Photo Editing

UX/UI Design

Video Production and Animation

The Texas Observer

I worked as a freelance designer and illustrator for The Texas Observer, creating a variety of digital assets for use in print or on their website.

The Daily Texan

At the University of Texas daily newspaper, The Daily Texan, I worked as a comics artist, illustrator, comics/illustration editor, and designer.

I assembled print layouts on a daily basis for several different sections, and when not assembling the layout myself in InDesign, I would work with the design team to coordinate, create, and edit larger centerspread illustration projects.

I also occasionally would do some vector-based design work for other Daily Texan projects.


In between projects and in my off hours, I would complete a variety of projects on a freelance basis.

My freelance projects spanned quite a few areas, including copywriting and editing, print design, web design, photo editing, custom merchandise, and illustration.