Content Development


I storyboarded, wrote, shot, edited, animated, and uploaded videos on a regular basis. I started with live video, but I’ve been moving into animation recently and found that it’s a good asset and a lot of fun!

Newsletter Campaigns

At Motionics, I write, create graphics for, assemble, and send out newsletters on a bi-weekly basis, or whenever something happens our clients should know about.

Wimer transmitters
angle measurement
Pile load testing

Case Studies

I collect data from Motionics clients and use it to write case studies demonstrating products in real-world applications. This involves talking to the client in-depth about their application, gathering graphic assets (photos, diagrams, 3D models), and compiling it into a case study format.

Application of Motionics Wireless Dial Indicators in Wind Turbine Gearbox Maintenance
Wireless Deflection Measurement of Curtain Walling Systems in a
Controlled Test Chamber
Using a Wireless Pile Load Test Kit for Conducting Compression and Tension Pile Load Tests

Other Content Writing/Editing

I do content writing and editing for a variety of clients outside of my main gig. I do quite a bit of copy writing and editing for Westfall-Harrison, a design and marketing company. I also write and draw comics, as well, and got to create a comic book for the Watt Watchers of Texas, a program that encourages kids to conserve energy.